Partitioning System for Parking Garage Renovation 

Construction of a Parking Garage Renovation for the Commercial IndustryA commercial client contracted us to utilize our Cemco 100 partitioning system to convert a generic parking garage into a usable office space, and do it in less than seven days. The Cemco 100 series partitioning system required custom fabricating that employed processes and equipments such as a roll-forming line, a 50-ton press for the wall studs, and standard drywall tools. The finished custom made panels had a standard spray-on enamel finish applied before installation. All of the components where fabricated and installed giving this customer an inexpensive solution to their office space issues in just 6-1/2 days.

Our Cemco 100 series is recognized as one of the most flexible, adaptable and affordable non-progressive partitioning systems in the marketplace. To learn more about this custom fabricated portioning system, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Parking Garage Renovation- Project Details

Product Description This space is used predominately for office space.
Custom Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Construction-Standard Cemco (100) Partitioning was utilized - all materials manufactured @ our plant in Summerfield, NC.
Installation. Labor performed with standard Drywall tools.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Machinery including a roll forming line as well as a 50 ton press for the wall studs.
Material Used
U-S-11', Unit Grips
U-S-9', Unit Grips
U-IS-12", Intermediates
U-IS-9", Intermediates
U-T-10', Track
500-DC-12', Double Channel
500-DC-9', Double Channel
500-C-12', Corners
500-C-9', Corners
U-GB, Base
U-BAC, Adhesive
U-BS-10', Battens
SP 500-pE-10', Panel Edging
500-PS-10', Panel Splice
M500 3070 Frame
3070 SC Doors G
Lever Lockset
4' x 10' x 1/2' Champagne
4' x 9' x 1/2' Champagne
211-01 Main Runners
209-01 4' tees
1409-01 Wall Angle
#12 tie wire
BET-197, 2' x 4' tile
10' 7" trim
9' trim
8' 6" trim
20" x 24" 3070 SC Wood Door
4" Black Vinyl Cover Base
2' x 4' Acoustical Ceiling
10' x 8' Cased Opening
Material Finish Spray On enamel finish.
Industry for Use Commercial Industry
Overall: 1
U-S-11', Unit Grips: 16
U-S-9', Unit Grips: 20
U-IS-12", Intermediates: 18
U-IS-9", Intermediates: 22
U-T-10', Track: 15
500-DC-12', Double Channel: 15
500-DC-9', Double Channel: 6
500-C-12', Corners: 2
500-C-9', Corners: 1
U-GB, Base: 252
U-BAC, Adhesive: 8
U-BS-10', Battens: 68
SP 500-pE-10', Panel Edging: 3
500-PS-10', Panel Splice: 13
M500 3070 Frame: 4
3070 SC Doors G: 4
Hinges: 6
Lever Lockset: 4
4' x 10' x 1/2' Champagne: 32
4' x 9' x 1/2' Champagne: 34
211-01 Main Runners: 7
209-01 4' tees: 40
1409-01 Wall Angle: 8
#12 tie wire: 77.5
BET-197, 2' x 4' tile: 40
10' 7" trim: 64
9' trim: 38
8' 6" trim: 24
20" x 24" 3070 SC Wood Door: 4
4" Black Vinyl Cover Base: 252
2' x 4' Acoustical Ceiling: 312
10' x 8' Cased Opening: 1
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6.5 Days
Delivery Location Brown, Summit, NC
Project Name ABCO Parking Garage Renovation
Why did you choose this project to show case? I thought this a unique project in the fact we moved into a Generic Parking Garage and were able to convert it into usable Office Space for this client.

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