Manufacturing of Custom Cemco Series 100 Partitioning System for the Banking Industry

Manufacturing of Custom Cemco Series 100 Partitioning for the Banking IndustryOur Cemco 100 series is known as one of the lowest-cost, non-progressive partition systems currently available. Easy to install, its doors, windows, and panels can be easily relocated without disturbing the adjacent panels.

After winning the contract through an online bidding process, we custom manufactured the partitioning system using the architectural design documents and the shop drawings that we supplied as part of the process. To manufacture the partitioning system, we employed a range of processes and equipment, including roll formers, shearing, and break press forming, as well as our on-site spray-paint booth.

The 12'-8" high Cemco partitioning was 36' long and featured plain sheetrock with anodized aluminum trim. The system included nine 36" X 44, and six 42" X 44" standard window units. All of the window units featured anodized steel frames and included glazing strips but no glass. We used plywood to block in the interiors of the partitions and included a special-glazed top fill for the ATM room. We ensured the partitioning system met the standards specified in the customer-supplied prints and 2D CAD drawings. For more information on this custom-manufactured partitioning project, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Cemco Series 100 Partitioning System- Project Details

Product Description This custom partitioning system was manufactured for a bank.
Custom Manufacturing Capabilities Applied/Processes Design
Roll Formers, Shearing, Break Press, Paint Spray Booth
Installation-We performed the installation on-site.
Components of System 36 Lineal Feet of Cemco Partitioning
  • 12'8" High
  • Plain Sheetrock and Anodized Aluminum Trim
(9) Standard Window Units
  • 36" x 44" Including Glazing Strips, No Glass
(6) Standard Window Units
  • 42" x 44" Including Glazing Strips, No Glass
Plywood for Blocking in the Interior of Partitions
Special Glazed Top Fill for the ATM Room
Material Used Window Frames: Anodized Steel
Door Frames: Steel
Studs: Galvanized Steel
Industry for Use Banking
Delivery Location Baltimore, Maryland
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Cemco Series 100 Custom Partitioning System

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