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CEMCO Partitions, Inc.

About Cemco Partitions, Inc.

"Our Byword is Simplicity"

Many partition systems have become so complex that the advantage of true movability has been designed out of the system. Our simplicity is built in. Six basic parts plus a choice of paneling completes a Cemco Partitions, Inc. installation thus eliminating stocking problems and delays on original installation or remodeling work. These factors along with the elimination of labor consuming taping, bedding, and finishing allow CEMCO to offer space division to owners and tenants at prices competitive with permanent drywall construction.


Cemco Partitions, Inc. is competitive with permanent wall construction and yet offer total demountability and reusability. The elimination of screws, taping, spackling, and painting allows minimum labor expenditures. In addition Cemco Partitions can be classified as office equipment and thereby qualify for investment credits and advantageous methods of depreciation.

Sound Control

Cemco Partitions provide exceptional sound control. Standard walls offer a 40STC rating as tested in accordance with ASTM Designation E413-70T. The addition of cavity sound blankets increase the STC class to 44. Cemco Series 100 is composed of totally incombustible components, and satisfies most fire safety requirements. One hour rated construction is available with minor field adjustments.

Structural Stability

Most demountable partition systems offer only aluminum posts or 25 gauge screw suds with height limitations of ten feet. Cemco's systems are built around the Unit Grip Stud. This 18 gauge equivalent member offers demountability with permanent wall strength and is capable of supporting partitions up to 22 feet in height.

Quick Occupancy

The simplicity of the Cemco System in conjunction with minimal labor requirements allows fast installation with little cleanup. In many cases new installation or changes in layout can be accomplished overnight without loss of office use.

Design Flexibility

CEMCO offers one basic framing system with choice of aesthetic architectural features including flush or recessed head and base conditions, anodized aluminum or factory enamel trim sections, full height or standard door frames and painted, vinyl covered or baked enamel steel panels.

Total Reusability

Door and window locations as well as design modules are completely flexible with Cemco Partitions. Total non-progressive construction allows the addition or deletion of doors or windows without disturbing adjacent panels.

Non-Progressive Construction

Cemco Systems require fewer framing items and eliminate the need for special panel sizes. Ninety-five percent of all materials can be taken down and reused in new layouts.

Unlimited Wiring & Total Accessibility

The 2-1/2 inch wall cavity offers practically unlimited wiring & plumbing accommodations. Updating of electrical, plumbing and telephone requirements can be economically completed by removing panels from one side of the wall only, thus providing instant access.

Choice of Fine Paneling

A full choice of panels is provided by local franchised distributors in 1/2" or 5/8" thickness. Different materials and colors may be used on opposite sides of partition framing thus allowing complete flexibility in interior decorating.

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