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Cemco Series 100 - Demountable Partition System

Cemco Series 100 Partition System

The lowest cost non-progressive demountable partition system on the market today - is completely reusable move after move. Windows, doors and panels may be relocated at any time without disturbing adjacent panels. The system has only six basic parts, plus door and window frames. This allows almost complete flexibility of design. Panels are made for 1/2" or 5/8" gypsum board, vinyl-covered board, or practically anything you might choose. "Snap-in" batten strips attach the panels to Unit Grip studs. Overlapping type steel doorframes are used as well as anodized aluminum window frames with "snap-in" glass retainers.


Step 1: U-T-10 Floor Track is mounted at desired locations with Ramset stud nails or similar fasteners. Three floor attachments are required per ten-foot section. This 2-1/2" track receives std framing on 24-1/8" centers.

Step 2: After floor track installation is completed, ceiling channel is located by plumbing from the floor. After application of U-LS adhesive backed lite and sound seal, the ceiling channel is attached to the ceiling grid with pop rivets or screws. Three connections are required per ten foot section to provide lateral stability.

Step 3: If corner exists in run, install first studs approximately one foot from corner, If no corner is involved, place first stud approximately one foot from end wall. Plumb stud and attach to top and bottom channel with pop rivets. Remainder of studs will be automatically located by use of two rows of factory notched bridging without attachment to floor & ceiling channels.

Step 4: Modular end panels and corner panels are installed first. Remainder of panels are slipped into the ceiling double channel and rotated into place. The friction grip batten strips are driven into place with a carpeted one-foot long block or similar device. For later wiring or phone changes or total moves, battens snap out of the stud releasing the panels.

Step 5: Cemco's snap-on base offers quality with quick installation and complete removability. The rigid vinyl section is completely scuff resistant The base clip is stapled to the wall paneling. The base snaps o the mounting clips.

Wall Starter Condition: Intersecting walls can occur at required locations as a toggle bolt gives positive attachment the ceiling grid with pop rivets or screws. Three connections are required per ten-foot section to provide lateral stability of the wall starter. Fastening to a vertical studs is not required.


General: Furnish Series 100 movable partitions are manufactured by Cemco Inc. Greensboro North Carolina and insta4lllation by an authorized Cemco distributor in accordance with this section of the Specifications and applicable drawings.

Materials: (a) Galvanized studs shall be 18 gauge equivalent metal thickness, punched for passage of wiring, set in single track at floor and anodized aluminum double tract at ceiling for overlapping double cornice cap for cornice height) and braced with 24-1/8" bridging members. Studs shall have continuous groove for insertion of battenless strips without use of screws.

(b) Window frames shall be knockdown type of anodized aluminum with snap-in vinyl glass retainers to accommodate 1/8" or 7/32" glass.

(c) Overlapping, 16 gauge, knockdown doorframes to be reinforced and premortised for 1-1/2 pair of 4-1/2"x4-1/2" hinges and Govt., Series ASA strike. 1-3/4" steel doors with 20-gauge face to have corresponding hinge preparation and cylindrical (#161) lock cutouts, (alternate: 1-3/4" wood doors.)


(d) Base shall be 4" rigid vinyl, snap-on type, or 4" vinyl glue-on base.


Construction: (a) partitions components shall assemble into a rigid construction and shall be free of exposed screws or rivets. All units shall be removed from either side without disturbing adjacent units. All door units and windows shall be interchangeable with panel units. Three way or four way intersections shall be made at any point without regard to module.


(b) Studs shall be located on 24-1/8" on center and spaced by two or three rows of pre-notched bridging. Panels shall be applied vertically in 24" or 48" widths and shall be held in place by CEMCO aluminum batten strips.

Workmanship: Partitions shall be installed in accordance with manufacturers specifications and shall be plumb, neat in appearance and free from defects. Hardware shall be adjusted and left in proper working order. All rubbish and cartons shall be removed and the job shall be left broom clean.

Five Basic Parts:

  • Ceiling Double Channel

  • Bridging 24-1/8" Spacing

  • 2-1/2" Unit Grip Stud

  • Panels

  • Batten strips

  • 2-1/2" Floor Track

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