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Cemco Demountable Walls & Partition Systems

Porcelain chalk, white marker boards and vinyl or fabric tack boards can be integrated into Cemco Partitions, Inc.'s demountable systems. By eliminating costly trim and labor involved in surface mounted boards, costs are immediately reduced. These panels can be used at random I conjunction with standard wall panels on Cemco framing systems. Magnetic or surface mounted chalk trays and map rails complete the installation.

Inplant Offices

  • High Bay Divider Walls

  • 18 Gauge equivalent unit grip studs allow construction of hi-bay walls to 22' heights.

  • For economy - use steel panels on plant side and gypsum panels for office side.

  • Demountable construction offers unlimited wiring with easy access for future electrical and phone changes.

  • Excellent sound rating of 44STC can be obtained with cavity insulation.


  • Space requirements constantly change and Cemco demountable allow total reusability and quick relocation.

  • Low maintenance expense is a key factor on school construction and a selection of baked enamel or vinyl covered steel panels offers extreme durability and easy cleaning of wall surfaces.

  • Chalk and tackboards can be easily incorporated into the CEMCO wall systems offering attractive appearance at reduced cost.

  • As computerization demands additional requirements, easy access to the wall cavity offers easy upgrading of the system.

Clean Rooms

  • Baked enamel or epoxy painted steel panels is required on interiors. CEMCO can supply paint receptive steel for field painting or prefinished panels in choice of colors.

  • For economy, steel can be used on the interior with vinyl covered gypsum on the exterior of rooms.

  • Prefinished ceiling panels are available in baked enamel finish for use with standard ceiling grid.

  • Ceiling and panel joints can be caulked with clear silicone if required

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