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Custom Demountable Partition Systems

At Cemco Partitions, Inc., we specialize in easy to install, simply-erected, quality custom demountable partition systems. While other companies have many complex parts that make their partition systems less than ideal, ours are moveable, reusable, and always economical.

Our non-load bearing walls feature a number of components, from bridging and panels through doors and windows. With a variety of finishes available, your custom-designed partition system can include corner channels, sound blankets, and/or cavity insulation.

Panels range in size, with thicknesses between 1/2" to 5/8", widths of 24" to 48", and heights up to 25'. They feature sound control of 40 or 44 STC, and meet ASTM designation E413-70T standards.


Priding ourselves on ease of use, we can furnish a lead man to train installers to put our systems in place. Non-progressive construction with unlimited wiring/plumbing options means easy accessibility.


With a quick turnaround time and a commitment to customer satisfaction every step of the way, CEMCO's partition systems have become synonymous with superiority and value. Contact us to see how we can provide the easiest solution to any and all of your needs.


For more information on what CEMCO can do for you, see the table below or contact us directly.


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